Looking for one High Quality Investment

ACT Capital will exclusively focus in a single acquisition that meets the following criteria:

  • Companies with revenues between $100 and $500 million pesos.
  • EBITDA margin above 15%.
  • Recurring revenue business model.
  • Companies playing in high growing industries.
  • Differentiated products or services.
  • Solid middle management.

Lean and flexible process

ACT Capital takes the time to understand the seller needs to customize the offer and end up in a fair deal. Ideally, maintaining the seller involved after a partial or total acquisition

Early stage due diligence

After signing an NDA, will proceed to analyze the company internal information.

4 weeks

Due diligence

In agreement of the non-biding offer, an exclusivity contact will be signed to start the formal due diligence.

12 weeks


Final conditions will be agreed between both parties to close the deal.

4 weeks

Total process timing: aprox. 20 weeks

Value creation Philosophy

After the acquisition, a Board of Directos will be assembled between investors, sellers and other industry experts to ensure a solid strategic plan and maximize results.


we firmly believe that human capital is the most important asset and will develop a strong organizariontal culture based on well being, trust, hard work, urgency and transparency.

Cash flow

we will look for opportunities to unlock value through working capital management, better asset allocation, and financial restructuring

Operational improvement

data will be assessed, consolidated, and improved to better measure, evaluate and enhance performance.

Revenue growth

will strive to increase revenue of the existing business by increasing the customer base, improving return on invested capital for marketing expenses, and optimizing product portfolio.

Pedro Rivera Benard

Pedro brings over 15 years of operational experience in fast moving consumer goods for multinational corporations, mainly at Nestlé and Cadbury Adams (now Mondelèz-Kraft).

During the last three years, Pedro was director at Nestlé’s Confectionery Business, where he became highly experienced in team leadership, P&L management, human & financial allocation, business strategy, digital marketing and customer relations.

As an entrepreneur, Pedro has founded two companies, the most recent one called Aptum Digital, a platform that serves as a digital sales force for Grupo RO, one of the largest outsourcing enterprises in Latin America.

Torre Zentrum
Av. Santa Fe 495, Piso 4, Col. Cruz Manca, CP 05349, Ciudad de México

Pedro Rivera Benard

Off. + 525533007899