Mike: Cool Boarders 2 costs so little that I’d honestly struggle not to recommend it, if only to have it as part of your overall collection. Cool Boarders 2 (Sony PlayStation 1, 1997) £5.77. Advertisement . The backgrounds look vivid and should complement the foreground action well. Lost password? Boarders and boards. Now on sale with a 90-day no questions asked return policy. Don't you love it? $3.00 item 6 Cool Boarders 2 & Reel Fishing - PlayStation 1 Disc Only PS1 Video Games #135 6 - Cool Boarders 2 & Reel Fishing - PlayStation 1 Disc Only PS1 Video Games #135 Customer Review: Cool Boarders Video. 49089.00-0.51%. Lead Artist: Scott … Account. Order. Disney Infinity 2.0 … Cool Boarders 2001 - PlayStation - Used. Crash Bandicoot. You will be reaching for your mute button faster than you can fall off the face of a cliff. Home. Onsite Associates Program . That's a jaded view, but if you haven't noticed, SSX has broken the genre wide open (it was a long time coming), so that every normal snowboarding game appears to be just that-nor-mal--not to mention dated. Game in great shape! Tekken 3. 5 The PlayStation One era seemed to signal an influx of extreme sports titles, and snowboarding games in particular. At the time Cool Boarders The PlayStation One era seemed to signal an influx of extreme sports titles, and snowboarding games in particular. Choose from 7 different riders and 18 boards, then hit one of more … Pre-Owned. Cool Boarders 4 may be a huge step over the last one, but it's not better. But that's snowboarding, and it's grown increasingly popular worldwide over the past few years. but doesn't feel like it is. The game consists of three main courses (plus two additional unlockables) in which the player attempts to gain the fastest time, most points from performing tricks, and also total points, a combination of the two previous disciplines. 8 months ago. The graphics are absolutely basic, the inclusion of licensed boards and whatnot means little. Remove from Wish list. If you’re thinking of getting a PS Classic, then Each of the moves are different types of moves that can be performed after soaring off a jump or cliff. Mike: Cool Boarders 2 costs so little that I’d honestly struggle not to recommend it, if only to have it as part of your overall collection. The first Cool Boarders game set the tone for what would be a fairly long running franchise. The longer, more intensive slalom courses only compound the problem. The goal of many levels is not to get to the bottom quickly, but to score as many points as possible from pulling tricks. Publication date 1997 Topics Japanese computers, Japanese Manual, PlayStation Manual, PSX Manual, Console Manual, Japanese Game Manual, Game Manual, Scans, Manual Scans, PlayStation, PS, PSX, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment, SCE Collection playstationmanuals; consolemanuals; manuals; additional_collections … Shredders can take it to the hill and compete in six events on five mountains through 32 courses--there are even two hidden runs. Add to cart. Reliance. Game plays great. Disney Infinity 2.0 Venom USED see pictures € 8, 99. 5 daring downhill courses. Gameplay-7 Graphics-7 Sound-5 Value-6 Tilt-7 This game is an O.K. Snowboarding has finally made the transition from the cold, snowy mountains to your warm, comfortable living room. Crash Bandicoot. … NIFTY 50. Cool Boarders 4 - PS1 quantity. The tricks are awesome and the music fits the game perfectly, but the annoying commentator and the difficulty in qualifying for races keeps this game from being a must-have. Cool Boarders W/spine - Sony Playstation 1 PS1 - Japan JPN - Complete Retro. As with real snowboarding, when you first start off, you fall. Going fast and doing tricks is still a long way off. That's a lot of sequels for a snowboarding game - and considering… $3.00 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - PlayStation - Used. 237.80 7.77%. Cool Boarders 2 (Manual)(JP)(PlayStation)(PSX) by UEP Systems. Choose from 16 pro riders and 34 boards or create your own rider and board. Fans of the sport should keep an eye out for this one. Cool Boarders 2 PlayStation 1 Complete! I found myself dying to try different moves off jumps. Postage is €2.99 for this single item or unlimited items for €5.99. The final buzz-kill: The graphics are chunky and nondescript. $3.00 Cool Boarders 4 - PlayStation - Used. Rebirth of the Cool. 1371.75-0.32%. Category: Playstation 1 Games. Coolboarders will give players the chance to live out their snowboarding fantasies on a number of treacherous downhill courses. I have to be honest and say that when I first played this game, I was less than impressed. The only saving grace here is its soundtrack, but why not just buy the music CD. Disney Infinity 3.0 Hulkbuster. The halfpipes are decent fun. Postage is €2.99 for this single item or unlimited items for €5.99. Fill to the forms to create your account. This makes a lot of changes to the gameplay but its fun to see some of the old characters return and see how Cool Boarders morphed … P&P: + £6.00 P&P. Note: For the Japanese version of the game, highlight the "Snow Boarding Combined" option before entering the code. Cool Boarders 3 is a typical racing game, with focus on stunts. 2 - Know Your Role » Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1) » Bloody Roar II » Yu-Gi-Oh! Lead Programmer: Mark Lyons. Featuring some excellent graphics and smooth scrolling, Cool Boarders will feature four downhill tracks of varying difficulty on which you can perform a variety of tricks and maneuvers.You can choose from a couple of different characters, and three types of snowboards, all of which are designed to perform differently. Cool Boarders uses texture-mapped, 3D tracks and polygons for the characters. For everyone else it's same oP, same ol'. On each track you can earn three different trophies: one trophy is awarded for getting down the hill in the quickest time; catch big air to pull off big tricks like the misty, rodeo, and 1080 mute to earn the highest trick point trophy; or … 5. The effect depends on the border-color value You take your life into your hands with every bone-wrenching drop, and some might wonder whether the rewards are worth it. Last one . When I decided to focus more on the tricks than qualifying, that's when the game got fun. Crash Bandicoot. After playing the game more, the controls became a little easier, with still a few rough edges. The effect depends on the border-color value; ridge - Defines a 3D ridged border. Add to Watchlist. Older versions . Screenshot from Cool Boarders 2. I wanted nothing more than some original sayings or clever comments after a crash. All of the action and excitement of snowboarding comes to the PlayStation in COOL BOARDERS. The Cool Boarders series is one of the oldest around, spawning a whopping 5 iterations for the original PSX. Cool Boarders The game builds upon its predecessor's features with the addition of trick competitions and computer-controlled competitors.The main aim remains to complete courses in the shortest time (aided this time around by shortcuts), to perform the best-scoring tricks and to rack up huge total scores. Fun and challenging game and love the background settings. Game: Cool Boarders 4 File Name: Cool Boarders 4.7z File Size: 76.19 MB Genre: Sports System: Sony Playstation Downloads: 54,390 Rating: (4.75 /5, 60 votes) Play Cool Boarders 4 online: Top 25 PSX ROMs. My father and I enjoyed racing down the snowy slopes of this games prequels. The goal is to make it down the slopes as fast as possible while racking up as many points as possible. The Tokyo-based UEP is just starting in the video-games realm and hopes to take the sporting-game world by storm with this nifty little title, Cool Boarders. It looks like you'll be able to select your own gear, as well, which is sure to add personality to the game. Payment, Delivery & Refunds . Cool Boarders is a pretty fun game that should have been a lot better. Tekken 3. Some people call it a I lifestyle. After about 10 races, you will start to get the hang of turning and not falling. Navigation. $8.00 Cool Boarders 3 - PlayStation - Used. It has a few simulation elements, it rips off Tony Hawk, it even borrows a few things from Road Rash (you can shove the competition while skimming down hills). Game: Cool Boarders File Name: Cool Boarders.7z File Size: 283.20 MB Genre: Sports System: Sony Playstation Downloads: 57,483 Rating: (4.75 /5, 71 votes) Play Cool Boarders online: Top 25 PSX ROMs. Even on the novice setting, you can make the whole run without crashing and still not qualify. GO. This was the last Cool Boarders title by original developer UEP Systems, before 989 Studios took over development duties.Imagine riding down the slopes, avoiding the trees and trying to hit the jumps. or Best Offer +C $10.00 shipping. Player Reviews. The graphics are all right, but do suffer from quite a bit of breakup and tweaks. VG Condition w/manual. reggie posted a review One of the most popular snowboard franchises is making its third trip down the slopes in Cool Boarders 3. £6.99. 223 0 1. Screenshot from Cool Boarders Pocket. The eight main … Years of experience and countless hours of refinement have cultivated in a masterpiece right? This early game, while simple, led the way for the development of much more popular, extreme sport games. Cool-Boarders2. The music fits perfectly; however, the announcer never stops making mundane comments. Choosing from three runs (beginner, advanced, and expert), you race the clock while navigating some narrow trails loaded to the extreme with obstacles like trees, rocks, and bottomless cliffs. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Two players can race down 34 different event courses on five mountains, from Powder Hill to the Alps to Mount Everest, using any combination of 20 snowboarders and 22 boards. PS1_COOL_BOARDERS_2. If you want to shred the white waves of an endless winter, be on the lookout for CoolBoarders. Cool Boarders 2001 . I think the Alien and the snowman are in Cool Boarders Burrnn/Snow Surfers/Rippin Riders as well, they are like hallmarks of UEP system's games. You can fly off jumps and pull a 180 or even a 360. Search for "Cool Boarders 2001" … Trivia. If you can't go big on the mountain, do some shreddin' at home with Cool Boarders. Tata Motors. Of course, there's plenty of air to catch, and the more radical your moves, the more points you score. CSS Border Style. After you qualify on all three tracks, you will open up two new tracks and four new boards to select. - Updated all of the stats for all of the boards. Now to the rest of us English-speaking gamers, this may not make a whole lot of sense, but we need to try and understand. Infosys. Although it's still early in the development, it looks like this game will capture the feel of the snowboarding experience. 2 - Know Your Role » Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1) » Bloody Roar II » Yu-Gi-Oh! Cool Boarders 3. Cool Boarders 2 (PS1 PAL) Cool Boarders 2 for SONY Playstation 1 € 7, 99. … Publisher: Sony. Hold your cash for SSX or the flashier PS2 snowboarding games to come. Cool Boarders 2 Platinum Sony Playstation 1 PAL PS1 Vintage Snowboarding Game. Trending. Disney Infinity 3.0 Hulkbuster € 16, 99. NEU/GEBRAUCHTWAREN. Racing down the slopes at breakneck speed comes Cool Boarders, a PlayStation snowboarding thrashfest. Obs Transparent Twitch Chat - Diablo Ii Png Image With Transparent Background. I can imagine the boardroom meeting when Cool Boarders 2001 was being designed. Complete with manual black label version .

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