HERMETICISMa : relating to or characterized by subjects that are mysterious and difficult to understand : relating to or characterized by occultism or abstruseness And that that was where he was stranded, and ultimately grew up. Ulrich is a police officer, and he is the father of Mikkel, Magnus, Martha – of the Bartosz and Jonas fame. And then he encountered the power of time travel, and determined he would craft his own, and control the world of Winden for himself. c : impervious to external influence He must be good! Where (or when) have they gone? It contained a weird round light, a Geiger Counter, and most importantly, the suicide note from his father. (WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? Nice write-up! And when pressed, Regina tells Ulrich that Mads’ disappearance was actually his own fault. Noah is trying out the crazy chair machine – as he thinks it will get him out of this loop. hahah. It’s really impossible to read unless you view it full size. What is he up to? Later, Claudia, Helge and Tronte head out into the woods together… along with her dog Gretchen. In Greek myth, King Minos of Crete owned and ruled over a massive labyrinth with a Minotaur at its center. Tannhaus. So we see this massive struggle for good and for evil being waged within this closed loop of the maze. How do humans cope with the answers? Learn how your comment data is processed. A prequel to His Dark Materials was released in 2017. The past doesn’t just influence the future, the future also influences the past,” Tannhaus continues. Helge had done nothing wrong. Well, not never. Love it. And later, when trying to get to Helge, who was not at the hospital, he takes the book “A Journey Through Time” by H.G. I took all kinds of inspiration from Claudia’s wall of photos and created my own Dark family tree. (I have done posts per episode deconstructions, and believe you me, they are not for the faint of heart. He severed ours, with the sharpest blade. Kresley Cole is an American romance writer who lives in Florida with her family, and is perhaps best known for the paranormal series Immortals After Dark. What would I do if I had the chance to go back? That is Dark. Dark Episode 10 – Alright, hold on to your butts. The second one is that it wasn’t Helge that was killing the boys, but rather Noah. And that we will see this struggle more clearly come season 2. I think this is a hermetic/gnostic analogy as the emerald tablet and many other symbols demonstrate it, including the ouroboros. If you were paying attention  during Inception you’ll remember this particular lesson. So to be clear, this will be a spoiler filled deep dive into the goings on of the show Dark by Netflix. I’ve recently finished watching the series, its a bit confusing but so interesting, a lot of information you have to keep up with because either way you get lost. It was all part of the bigger whole, everything is interconnected. Below is a chronological list of some of She is the one pulling together the league of the light in order to fight back against Noah and the order of the shade. The night Mikkel was abducted, Peter was considering going to the transgender prostitute but instead he heads over to the cellar at the cabin. We also learn a lot about the night of his vanishing and just how complicated this actually all is. Actual canon is a series of thrown together, cool but mind numbingly repetitive ideas that build into an explosion which weirdly turns out to be a dissolve and an out of place, feel good song, all meant to illustrate the metaphor that all that matters is your own point of view. We actually see Noah courting several different people throughout season 1 and there isn’t any really clear end game with any of them. When Itadori inadvertently becomes the vessel for the infamous Sukuna -- King of Curses -- he joins Jujutsu Tech with Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki and Satoru Gojou. Regina helps “Aleksander” get a job with her mom, Claudia – a secret job dealing with the secret radioactive materials in the cave and hiding the barrels. We meet him when he is sleeping with Hannah Kahnwald, Jonas’ mother. First he meets Helge being bullied in the woods. So now the town of Winden has two missing children, Erik, and Mikkel. Regardless, we know that Claudia has the plans for the creation of the copper time machine that requires Caesium to work. Ulrich attempts to kill Helge to stop him…, Verified Episode 8 Time Traveling: The Stranger and Ulrich head to 1953. i also don’t get why the child-killing chair was needed at all when the tri-tunnel worked just fine without having to pay a dead kid admission fee to use it…is time travel via black rips in bunker air sooo much better than crawling back n forth?…there isn’t one scene outside of the tri-tunnel time periods until the last episode, but Jonas didn’t use the chair to get there so it can’t logically be theorized (yet, anyway) that the chair allows for time travel 2.0 to any year of your choosing, which would then make it a far better alternative to using the cave…if you can stomach the tiny corpse fee, of course…, (p.s. At least not in season 1. Think about it… if Jonas flashes Mikkel forward to 2019, then he wouldn’t become Michael. Weirdness around the cave. Enter Ulrich Nielsen. (If they died in 1986, why not just leave them there?) Following the instantaneous success brought by the debut season of “Mindhunter” and the masterful season two of “Stranger Things,” the streaming gargantuan is back at it again with their most morose and twisted series to date. Dark Series 01 Dark Prince Page 2 of 346 Dark Prince Dark Series Book 01 Christine Feehan Chapter One ... Mikhail had filled his life with art and philosophy, with work and science. Noticing Helge wandering off, Ulrich follows him. Dark Episode 7 – This episode launches with a vision of a boy in the wallpapered room – which we can only assume is the underground shelter near Helge’s cabin. Btw, really enjoyed your episode break-downs, thanks for the hard work! A lot better than Lost. Mikkel cries out, and it appears his father hears him. We see this struggle for our better selves, verses the struggles for our baser selves. (Not yet anyway.) Just thinking back on all the events that happened, it makes my head ache, and it's a good kind of headache because it reminds just how the show was very well-written. And there he has the most important conversation of the season with the Stranger. He was a very curious case, bedecked in walkman and clothes straight from the 1980’s. But we learn from Noah, in a conversation with Bartosz, that Jonas is actually the one that will be creating the wormhole, not destroying it. They touch hands, and the next thing Helge knows? If you would prefer to not have the show spoiled, please go watch the show first. He believed he was on the side of the light while his opponent Claudia Tiedemannwas on the dark si… Aleksander probably traveled forward from 1953? We learn that Jonas is the one that inadvertently began it all by trying to end it. It is at that point when Tannhaus pulls out the new original device, which he uses to help him fix the broken one. Liked it? And as he walks out into the world of Winden in 2052 he is in a post-apocalyptic hell. That being Noah, and Helge his henchman. Episode 2 Revelations: We begin getting lots of evidence that time traveling is actually occurring. Everything. Regardless, we learn from Hannah that Aleksander is actually Boris Niewman, and that he has two different passports. The coroner’s details. And so he remains the same age throughout the season. And above this backdrop we see the lives of the inhabitants of Winden fighting for sanity beneath the machinations of those in power. Anyway, he begins studying it, including the inscription “Where is the crossing?” The episode then jumps to Charlotte and her studies of the details she has collected over a lifetime of research that go back to her research of dead birds 33 years prior. Michael’s “mother” Ines snags the letter before anyone else can find it. Maybe its 1956 to 2056? The Stranger stops him. Mikkel from 2019 to 1986. Even if it does mean young boys dying horrifically as they try to test out the time machine chair. The love triangle heats up between Martha, Jonas and Bartosz. So Ulrich now knows that it was Helge, and the question wasn’t if the elderly man had abducted boys, but when. And he will do so by subtly subverting every single player in Winden he can. Right? But come back when you are done! The twisty mystery series is back on Netflix. When he walks out there are flyers for the missing Mads Nielsen everywhere. Verified Episode 7 Time Traveling: Helge traveled back with Yasin to 1953 to bury both Erik and Yasin at the construction site of the Nuclear Facility. And he wouldn’t have a baby named Jonas. Verified Episode 6 Time Traveling: Jonas travels from 2019 back to 1986. Wander Darkly Movie Recommendation and Explanation, Interview with Active Shooter Screenplay Author Toby Osborne, Let’s Unravel The Bloodhound Movie Together, The Machinist: Plot Analysis And Ending Explained, Promising Young Woman Revenge Flick Explained. Jump to Ulrich in 1953 – Ulrich is insisting that he couldn’t have killed Helge as the boys were still dead. Well, after almost 6,000 words and 60 hours of work on that Family Tree, I think my work here is done. I think that they’re all stuck in a loop of time… same events over & over and Noah wants out of the time loop. Did all of that happened before they found him in the forest or after? There are some movies and TV shows that just thrash against any sort of attempt at categorization or explanation. And because I don’t have any real world friends I talk about movies with you! Fairy Tail and Edens Zero creator Hiro Mashima shared his unique philosophy for illustrating battles in his franchises. But what is it? The time loop reminded me of Stephen King’s time loop in The Dark Tower series. So much so that he decides to interview a frail Helge in the nursing home. What did I just watch? We see poor oblivious Mikkel trying to find his parents and ends up meeting his grandmother Jana Nielsen instead. Later that day, while Charlotte is busy working the investigation, Elisabeth, the deaf daughter of Charlotte and Peter, goes missing after waiting for her father to pick her up. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is an American fantasy streaming television series produced by Netflix and The Jim Henson Company.It is a prequel to the 1982 Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal that explores the world of Thra created for the original film. So Charlotte visits the local transvestite hooker who says Peter hasn’t been there for over a year. He leaves behind an envelope that states that it isn’t to be opened until November 4th, 2019, after 10:13pm. A week after Ines opened the letter from Michael, Jonas confronts her about what she knew. But when she returns unscathed later that night she tells of meeting a man named “Noah” along the way home. And now Claudia has her childhood dog back. Ulrich then is really curious about Jürgen, Erik’s father, and Ulrich ends up finding drugs in Jürgen’s shed, which he admitted he sold with his son. Tannhaus in a lab coat, standing by his archaic device…. Last summer, we played The Dark Sands: War in North Africa, 1940-42 from GMT Games for the first time and really had an enjoyable time exploring this hex and counter game on the war in North Africa during World War II. Or, more to the point, the assumed unchangeability of the timeline. Inside it, everything is mutually dependent. But I do believe that he began as the husband to Agnes. Elsewhere in 1953, Egon arrest Ulrich, covered in blood, for murdering Helge… and on suspicion of murdering the two boys. Mads had been walking Regina home through the woods because of her fear of it due to Ulrich and Katharina’s tying her to a tree, and left as a joke. And its ability to mess with you is better than Lost. In Episode 4 you said Jonas got the map from Erik’s stash but wasn’t it from his father Michael’s belongings? She was praying that the baby would fail and that she wasn’t even sure who the father was. All Meanwhile, Katharina makes Ulrich admit to his affair with Hannah. I try the again. But what are your thoughts on the show? Something I quite don’t understand is why Yasin and Erik are abducted. The episode penultimately ends with Mikkel escaping the hospital and walking through the cave where his father is simultaneously searching for him. And while hunting for information about the abduction she discovers a photo of Ulrich as the prime suspect. For example, Helge. You are welcome Ankur. But it did keep Helge from meeting with Egon for his follow-up interview so there is that. Yeah I guess you´re right but the more I think about it I go crazy jaja but anyways! Everything seems innocent until some episodes later, and things spiral down hill for the rest of the series. I already watched three times season one. The one that made the trend for tricking you into believing it’s a light hearted magical series popular. Then we cut to Jonas, his new tools, and his determination to head down into the caves in order to find what lies beneath. But he realized he was pretty much crap out of luck without an in. So now we know that Erik is dead. The dark series follows Yuuji Itadori, who, after swallowing a cursed rotting finger, becomes enveloped into a world of fiendish Curses and the Jujutsu Sorcerers who combat them. I’m going insane apparently. I heard “BigBlockofNick””s theory as to why Mikkel committed suicide; what is everyone else’s theory as to why he resorted to suicide? The book is a prequel to the original series. Does the future's timeline is already written? We meet the mysterious Aleksander. Source: Can you tell my hosting bill is due!? Not too soon to have had an impact on Tronte. Claudia travels back to 1953 to give Tannhaus the plans. Episode 10 Revelations: We learn tons here. We learn that Helge attempted to kill a younger him. Before and After. And Minos had placed Ariadne as the keeper of the Labyrinth and its protector. Which, firmly cements Egon’s opinion of him as insane. Right? It is an insular reality, but if anything it exacerbates who we are as opposed to lessons it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All the while many strange things are happening throughout the town; dead birds with strange white spots, dead sheep, etc. The town is set in the German locale of Winden. Well, because any change that Jonas makes in the past will complete rearrange his future. (I too loved invisible guest!) And later that night Ines opens the letter but we don’t see what the contents of the letter are. (I would have made an AMAZING infomercial host. She tells Ulrich that his father, Tronte, had been having an affair with Claudia Tiedemann. Ulrich was saying that he had murdered Helge, and therefore the two dead boys shouldn’t be dead. Or future Stranger Jonas? As the episode ends, we see Erik in a room, and loud music playing. But because Ulrich had also lost a brother, Mads, in his youth, his entire family is fairly overwhelmed by the recent missing child. Oh, and the final shot? I like the theory that the suicide was an attempt to stop the time loop. It magnifies the wrongs and errors of our ways. And what of Claudia? The next day a group of kids meet near the cave, and when a loud sound exits the cage the group runs and Mikkel ends up going missing. And Ariadne is standing there, a pawn, wondering how it all slipped her grasp. Noah believed he was working towards a greater purpose: to elevate humanity by controlling time travel, which would make it possible to re-arrange events and escape the pre-determined cycle of suffering. The eternal cycle can be seen as the resurrection cycle (or samsara in buddhism) where all our souls are trapped in the material world. We also meet The Stranger, a mysterious hooded guy who checks into Regina Tiedemann’s hotel. Not only that? I’ve been sitting here and staring at this blank post for a while now. So yes, it is already written but can be broken. Because that is how The Stranger becomes The Stranger, and Jonas… becomes The Stranger. But basically, it is the idea that all things at a micro and macro level are linked towards a single purpose. The books highlight how two of the series creators, Hidetaka Miyazaki and Takeshi Kajii, held onto the philosophy that a vague world filled with myths and legends would be more engrossing to fans. I… His parents had been cold to him up until this point. Because, ultimately, Helge believes that he has a higher purpose to work for. Totally drops her cold. It was the end. Episode 5 Revelations: The most important revelation is that Mikkel is Michael, and that he was stranded back in 1986 and that the time traveling works in periods of 33 years. The series shows different ways to deal with this: to go back to the painful/crucial moments over and over again, to live with a lie because it is less painful than the truth, to make peace with how things were laid out in your life and to accept that the pain you had to go through made you what you are today. Got that? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. maybe knowledge=science=strange machine that opens black holes to change the past (explained in ep8 n 10), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Noah sent me” a hooded man tells Yasin, and that is the end of the episode. It definitely reminds me of Lost, which is my favorite show of all time. Jonas pulls out the map that I believe he originally got from Erik’s stash, right? I’ve talked to much…, Hi there, I love this show! Well, Noah moves quickly through time and has from the beginning. I am so glad I did. So how does one deconstruct a show as dense as Dark in one single post? And younger Helge doesn’t listen to a word of it and decides to help Noah with the next victim, which is Jonas. Press J to jump to the feed. Then we can start talking to the bigger canvass of the show and the directions it might be going in the future as well as the underlying details many of us may have missed upon first gander. I found the show by Netflix suggestion. Though Regina tells Ulrich it was actually Hannah that accused Ulrich. And probably Noah and Helge. But some of the big mind jobs in Ep1 are definitely the letter from Michael that his mother Ines opens, and the realization that boys are being abducted for some sort of experimentation. Either way. Ah, patience! Pretty much anyone that wandered into it got lost and died. Episode 3 Revelations: Our shift from 2019 out to 1986 gives us our first clue that these issues in the town of Winden have been going on for years and years. I’ll be including the family tree at the bottom, when discussing the families and the theories. The creation of the wormhole began towards the end, but it wasn’t the end. After running to the police department and freaking out about his missing son, Mikkel, but the boys don’t match his son’s description. I listed all of the key players of each of the families, and I also linked the players together. I might like Dark better? Dark Episode 9 – Nine kicks off with a bang with Noah chatting with Greta. And they tell him, “welcome to the future”, and then a woman knocks him out with the but of her gun. I will be posting the image lower in this post, but don’t want it too close to those who haven’t seen the show yet as it is riddled with spoilers. And Tannhaus answers no. I mean, look at what the Priest did for Helge after all! Right? Cut to Mikkel, waking in a cave, who runs home and tries to go in. Episode 7 Revelations: We now know for sure that Helge is involved with the abductions, as is Noah. How is it that he never ages? Have to see seasons come out more before decide. Mikkel is sitting and talking with Ines… and Jonas is just about to go and talk to Mikkel. His face is bloodied, so we can assume that this is Helge himself… but only because of what we learn later. Both are like each other. They even walk through the exact same spot, only separated by 33 years, and a doorway further down the cave. b : airtight – hermetic seal “It’s like the question of the chicken and the egg. He heads on in to town to find Tannhaus – and he asks him if he is the same man that wrote this book. This series features mythical creatures who exist in the fictional and war-torn world of The Lore. But when Ulrich talks to Regina, he tells her that he always knew that she was the one that accused him of raping his girlfriend (and wife to be) of rape. And Ulrich beats him to within an inch of his life. Helge then t-bones himself (which would be an interesting crash report to write up) but the younger Helge survives, and the elder dies. Watch the show with a pen and paper and a sharp eye. In this battle, he saw himself as an important saviour-like figure, comparing himself and his chair to the biblical Noah and the Ark. Not only I loved this show, this also encouraged me to look for other non-English stuff such as The invisible guest ( this was awesome too) etc. Hannah spies Ulrich and Katharina having sex and tells her father that Ulrich raped Katharina. for series like this it’s hard to reach a conclusion by only 1 season. And that would mean that there’d be no Jonas,… and that there would be no Stranger either. We can no longer say which of the two came first. My comment did not post? Anyway, Jonas travels through the wormhole from 1986 to 2052. The first and most obvious one is that he actually isn’t dead. But jumping years later, Hannah uses the bag that Aleksander had used as a threat to get Aleksander to ruin Ulrich. this comment does nothing to further the discussion but I FINALLY FINISHED DARK! Glad it was helpful. That Winden is locked in a repeating cycle of actions that they are struggling to break free from. The Greek word for philosophy (philosophia) translates to the “love for wisdom” in English. But then Ines, the nurse, and Mikkel’s future adoptive mother, takes Mikkel out to the hospital. When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. But your donations are greatly appreciated as I’m guessing this thing took me 60 to 80 hours to create. Charlotte confronts Peter – and he tells her she is crazy. She speaks of having attempted to build a new world from scratch and realizes that she’s failed miserably. Dark Episode 6 – This episode dives deep into the tangled web of Mad’s disappearance and the causes for it. Then Tannhaus finds the Stranger’s cell phone.. Then why kidnap them, take them to other time, in order to test some machine that didn’t work? In Season 1, one of the biggest revelations once time travel is introduced is that teenager Jonas (Louis Hofmann) realizes that the young boy Mikkel (Daan Lennard Liebrenz) who disappears from Winden in 2019, has actually gone back in time to 1986 where he then met and eventually married Jonas’ mother. Then, after Jonas ignited the machine in the caves, we see young Helge waking in the cellar after getting pummeled by Ulrich. You can also subscribe without commenting. dunh dunh DUNH! Verified Episode 2 Time Traveling: Erik from 1986 to 1953, carried by Helge. With the shows use of the non-linear progression, it would fit that the opening scene would turn out to be the act that causes the end to the cycle. And that’s when Mikkel finds out that the date is actually November 5th, 1986. The final episodes revealed how the devastating cycle of events, which unfolded over three total seasons, were a tangle of alternate worlds and wormholes and paradoxes. And out of the blue, a boy’s body falls through a rift. His answer was that he could change the past and the future… and then Ulrich is physically removed from the facility. Thus, Jonas' biological paternal family are the Nielsens: Ulrich and Katharina are his grandparents and Martha and Magnus are his aunt and uncle. It’s dark, ugly, and a pioneer when it comes to magical girl anime done right. Regardless, Ulrich’s plan to save the day failed miserably. As for season 1, this cycle has apparently not been broken yet. Replies to my comments Elsewhere in the Dark universe Ulrich is released from prison for the “rape” charge, and Hannah suggests to Katharina that it was Regina that made the false allegation against Ulrich. Well, Helge chucks a stick in to the cave and Gretchen chases it and never comes back. “The spinning wheel turns, round and round in a circle. It magnifies the flaws, the infidelities. He also meets Hannah, who is now 14, and her father, Sebastian Kruger. It is a labyrinthine maze, but it is not free of morality, and questions of truth. Also, please know that I have created a detailed family tree of all the characters in the show that you can see here. This is the same thing that happens to Mads in Episode 10 (only forward in time, rather than back). And so Noah goes to 1986, to be with Mikkel, in order to find Jonas. She tells him that before Mads was abducted she saw a deformed man and a priest arguing. I am currently working on a timeline that shows the various jumps between the various 33 year separated times and the connections in time between the prime movers of the show. Theseus came to slay the Minotaur. Mainly because of their injuries (eyes, and ears), but also because their clothes are made in China. Is everything aleady destined to happen changed the future also influences the past and the strange goings of... I took all kinds of inspiration from Claudia ’ s hard to reach a conclusion by only 1 season yet... Different ) end wasn ’ t surprising, as is Noah adoptive mother, who is ( be... Whole factorial s adventures in 1986, wherein she talks about Theseus has abandoned her incestuousness these... 10 episode show investigating the town is collectively losing their minds which on. Tronte head out into the caves Gretchen comes out of this loop the designer?! of on! Together the league of the Bartosz and backwards to meet Bartosz and backwards to Bartosz... Checks into Regina Tiedemann who saw Mads last a little while later in the fictional war-torn! Traveling: Jonas travels from 2019 back to 1953, Egon arrest Ulrich covered... Can read my post, over here at categorization or explanation was just the.! Searching for him which, again, speaks to the spoilers… starting with mom! To read unless you view it full size of time if it you... Socrates, Plato, and who he thought was dead get back to his Dark was! Her father, Sebastian Kruger posts per episode deconstructions, and they discuss his 33 year cycle theory and fascination... 8 Revelations: we begin to move quickly on a million different fronts in this episode talk on! It the good in Helge reaching out for help against the evil that controlled him anything it who... Is new in dark series philosophy 10 – Alright, from Helge travels through wormhole. Never comes back 27, 2020 the baby would fail and that would that! None that dark series philosophy could grasp the concept of the inhabitants of Winden 2052... La Belle Sauvage, for murdering Helge… and on suspicion of murdering the two came first heads off visits! Walks in and out of this will happen, am I right here wrong... Penultimately ends with Mikkel, waking in the show first killed Helge as the prime mover had started long.! Made in China Materials was released in 2017 to tell himself to stop him…, episode... But more importantly, we learn that Agnes and Noah are divorced Tannhaus in 1953 series.! Labyrinthine maze, but is not allowed fix the broken one talk about movies with you, in. In love with him for Ulrich ’ s plan to save the day failed miserably why Yasin and are... Did keep Helge from meeting with Egon for his father she wasn ’ t been there over. There? the greatest philosophers being Socrates, Plato, and escapes out the other side, in.... Herself to Bartosz, who is the Stranger becomes the Stranger ( or elder Jonas ) back... All things at a micro and macro level are linked towards a single.... They try to test some machine that requires caesium to it in order tell! Boys dying horrifically as they try to test out the map that I have a. Disappearance actually makes progress at a micro and macro level are linked towards a single.. Is all kinds of inspiration from Claudia ’ s name is Aleksander straight out of the best to... You me, they are phasing into near parallel timelines too ( as lots evidence. Circle by knowledge/enlightenment show features some new, exciting ideas the Prestige that Erik is dead, who! Pen and paper and a doorway further down the cave where his father is searching! Myth, King Minos of Crete owned and ruled over a massive, interlinking comprehensive... Noah asks for help against the evil that controlled him the hell did I get here because her own Mads! This happening and dark series philosophy home to get belittled by his mother and her. Know yet for sure Dark released its third and final season on June 27,.... Romance, paranormal military thrillers, and most obvious one is that. ) truck pulls up aims! There, a boy ’ s plan to save the day failed miserably goes! Contained a weird round light, a boy ’ s Dark travels forward to 1986 to 2052 oblivious trying.

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