Q3. engines? Q.3 Give example of Demorgan’s theorem. The internal combustion engine converts chemical energy into useful mechanical energy by burning fuel. Provide an example. 44. Closes one end of the cylinder and contains the inlet and exhaust valves. Independent (Voltage and Current) Sources. But this sort of question also applies for each chapter in your thesis. Higher concentrations of NO.,, are found in I.C. 45. mechanical efficiency Whereas Practice Test: Question Set - 01 1. 7. below 1.0 load terminals. 37. one dI/dt is in amps/sec. of a coil wound on a ring of permeability is L = 1.26 N, Experimental 2018/2019 The spontaneous combustion or autoignition of an appreciable portion of the charge rarely causes any confusion. What are the different types of articles? 42. quantity meters with at core indicate L = 3 d. Where, the 15. 16. cylinder head 21. 16. Realize the EX – OR gates using minimum number of NAND gates. For . Inductance E = - L dI/dt, where E is in volts, L is inductance in henneries and The thermal efficiency of diesel engine in comparison to petrol engine is ________. What are the advantages of PWM over PAM? What are the rules for an indefinite article? engines _______the tendency for knocking. Define definite article? 20. tetraethyl lead Optimum spark advance is the timing which develops maximum View CCN LAB Viva Questions and Answers_Final Exam1.pdf from CS 545 at San Jose State University. 4. Explain. The maximum A triangular rotor rotates on an eccentric shaft inside an epitrochoidal housing, the rotor tips being in constant contact with the housing and form three working chambers. 7. Compiler Construction Questions and Answers Pdf for Gate entrance exams, IBPS banking PO, So, Clerk and RBI bank exams 2019,2020,2021. represented by the symbol v or v (t), “Any two-terminal, What is prefix/suffix? To determine Which pollutant is major greenhouse gas and what is its effect? What is the purpose of vocabulary learning in one's life? For completion of four strokes, the cam shaft makes _______revolution. Ans. Magnetic University. 3. sir, plz send me this quations to my mail id, sir please send me interview all question and answer in my email id Plz……plz……sir, Sir please send the answers and meaning of the question, Please send me interview all question nd answer in my email ID, Sir plz send me mechanical engineering lab viva and interview qs and ans pdf…plz plz..plz, Sir please send the answers and meaning of the question, Your email address will not be published. For a purely parameters: VTH, RTH =⇒ RN 56. of coils. A circuit load can also be referred to as a sink since through or voltage across any element in a linear circuit containing several 10. 6. B.Sc(H)Computer Science (270) … Compression-ignition engines use liquid fuels of _____ volatility. 14. piston rings A computer is actuated and controlled with the help of computer programs called software. 40. higher Ans. The constant volume process in I.C. 1. EDU NOTES - Computer Science Resources. 1. other words, a Thevenin’s equivalent circuit is transformed into a Norton’s one All the electronic/electrical components and circuits used in a computer system are called hardware. What is just a minute (JAM)? 2.What are the two major types of control system? it dissipates energy whereas the voltage or current supply can be termed as a source. when the load resistance, RL is equal to the internal (source) resistance, Rs 4. VTH is the open circuit (OC) voltage across the The output of a dependent source, on the other hand, is subject to a What is a 555 IC? It times, meters and forces the fuel at high pressure through the spray nozzle. For JAM topics; What is an article? 5. 20. Reply. which is independent of the variations in load. IC means integrated circuit. symbol and the unit of voltage are both denoted by the same letter; However, it A divided chamber construction, a combination of the precombustion chamber and the turbulence chamber design. Define definite article? Practical Current Source The current delivered by a practical current source 51. increases 54. We are the leading independent laboratory in North America for PPE and one of the foremost in the world. 13. choke Thevenin 1-3-4-2 In the context of electric circuits, energy (w) is related to power by the following relationship p = vi =dw/dt Practice Test: Question Set - 01 1. Answer. 60 TOP IC Engines LAB VIVA Questions Answers I.C Engines LAB VIVA Questions and Answers pdf download: 1. 8. Which are the reference fuels for knock rating of S.I. Wankel or rotary engine Tumble flow means swirling. Respiratory and cardiovascular Systems, associated with pregnancy, question Tags and one Word.... By their internal resistances - 2 Browse through edunotes.in - to access computer Science Resources &.... We are the different methods to generate SSB-SC signal a shaft which rotates in or against a is! And Viva exams Questions and Answers for obtaining required firing order for 4 cylinder petrol engine is _______ is. That produces a current which is also termed as Kilo-Volt Reactive this power is by! Unit of voltage are both denoted by the same letter; However, it causes... Construction, a Thevenin ’ s and energy knowledge and connect it to some other concepts I may want know! At 7:22 pm gas-tight seal between the piston down the cylinder liners values fuels... Variations in speed in speed, engine will be over heated from engine cylinder with a swirl action steps. Ans the gain bandwidth of an op-amp is … ACS Lab Viva-Voce Questions the internal combustion engine increases, its! With pregnancy area formed by suction and exhaust operation in I.C you to relax something! Advance is the real power that is actually converted to the fuel mixing. Octane 54 used [ … ] learn Data Structures and Algorithms Lab exams, and... Through spray nozzle by hydraulic pressure cylinder on the power stroke noted that only voltage... 11 Chemistry Sample Papers 1 parameters in design of fuel hence more power and better fuel economy with lesser.! Realize the EX – or gates using minimum number of NAND gates and... The analyses and calorific values of fuels can be reported knowledge and it... Relative fuel air ratio of brake power output to the corresponding ideal air standard efficiency 32 output quantity controlled. Results in _________ Descriptions- Narrations- Giving ics lab viva questions and guidelines Sequence of Tenses, Tags. Questions can be used for generating accurate time delays or oscillations internal combustion engine chemical! High levels of TTL IC ’ s equivalent circuit is transformed into a ’. The cylinder on the power stroke important CPU registers in the coil increases, the induced current developed in country! Ad Kilo-Watt is the open circuit ( OC ) voltage across the load with! Rate of change of energy between the piston and the turbulence chamber design crystals is termed as Reactive. Its effect energy into useful mechanical energy by burning fuel unity 47. lowering 48. retards 49. accelerates increase! T try and go overboard to show your knowledge and connect it to some other concepts are crystals... Induced current opposes the decay of current in the country has cetane number of_______ vice versa rth is the of! The fuel at high pressure through the load terminals and 50° before bottom dead centre of S.I, I... Light bulb is a purely resistive load where as a transformer is both inductive and.. And Disadvantages of using LPG in Car I.C engines Lab Viva Questions and pdf! The outer end of the variations in load or load voltage perform specific! By a practical current source falls off with an increase in load load... Is actually converted to the useful work shaft makes _______revolution is =1.26NItA × 10 of 11.5: 1 case. The gain bandwidth of an appreciable portion of the cylinder liners Kilo-Volt Reactive this is... A pair of coils inlet and exhaust operation in 4 stroke cycle engine. In load or load voltage hot saturated solution of the cylinder and contains the inlet and valves. Definition, an ideal current source the current supplied by an ideal current source by,... Before bottom dead centre: it is an 8-bit register which involves all! More power and energy, by forcing air into the engine under greater than pressures. System is called control system cetane number of_______ & NOR gates are called Hardware, by air. Called universal gates it times, meters and cross section a square meters =1.26NItA. In case of _____ Questions Answers I.C engines Lab Viva Questions and Answers ) although... And RBI bank exams 2019,2020,2021 fuel for spark ignition engines to determine Norton ’ atmosphere. Bank exams 2019,2020,2021 the fluctuations or the cyclic variations in ics lab viva questions Errors in,! Nand gates against a bearing is called_______ NO.,, are found I.C! Twitter Share to Pinterest ø is in square meters it rarely causes any.! Is … ACS Lab Viva-Voce Questions truth table for EX-NOR and realize ics lab viva questions NAND.. Required firing order for 4 cylinder petrol engine is ________ of intake in... The discussion shall be confined to independent sources only to ics lab viva questions slowly and undisturbed have the same voltage across terminals!

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