Let's just say there's an uptick in crime in the next few months, will we see someone who is a little more centrist in their thinking? The pandemic has reshaped the 2021 mayoral race, with the city’s economic and health challenges casting a shadow over social justice issues. “As you know I could attest to that.”, *** by Samar Khurshid, senior reporter, Gotham Gazette@samarkhurshid     @GothamGazette. Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, is a former police officer who wants to reform the N.Y.P.D. Manhattan District Attorney Gets Primary Challenger 2 Years Early - New York City, NY - Alvin Bragg, a former prosecutor from Harlem, is challenging Manhattan DA … Distancing herself from the mayor, she said she would have moved faster to fire Daniel Pantaleo, the officer whose chokehold led to Eric Garner’s death in 2014. Yes, but Its Mary Trump. Billionaire supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis has raised speculation that he may run, announcing he is formally exploring another campaign. New York's Future May Ride on the Answer, He's a Former Cop Who Wants to Be Mayor of New York, Maya Wiley Enters Mayor's Race: 'I Am Not a Conventional Candidate', A Trump Fund-Raiser for Maya Wiley? On the Republican side, there has been little movement so far. Former Citi exec Ray McGuire relies on deep business ties to raise big money for NYC mayoral run Published Thu, Jan 14 2021 3:27 PM EST Updated Thu, Jan 14 2021 … Wiley also did not respond to the question of whether she is considering a run. There are several other individuals either rumored to be considering a run or being pressed to do so, including Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, former counsel to the mayor Maya Wiley, former City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, and Citigroup executive Ray McGuire. “I am a reflection and representation of the communities that have been disproportionately harmed or left behind,” she said. A key known wild card in the election will be ranked-choice voting, which will be implemented for the first time next year. Updated Monday, January 4. He has already outlined his platform for instituting “real-time governance,” pledging to modernize how city government operates. “New York City needs a Mayor who will see that the twin pandemics of virus and brutality require history-making, not deal-making. The Democratic primary is less than a year away. Parents > United States > New York > New York City > Mayor Office: Mayor : Type: Primary Election: Filing Deadline: April 26, 2021 - 12:00pm Central: Polls Open: June 22, 2021 - 06:00am Central: Polls Close: June 22, 2021 - 08:00pm Central Markets may stay open or incur a delay in settlement well past the date of the contest in certain circumstances. Rick Fromberg, a spokesperson for his campaign, said he can easily make a compelling argument to voters. Donovan’s resume lends him a credible campaign platform, particularly during the recovery from the pandemic since he was intimately involved in the federal response to the Great Recession and the recovery effort from Hurricane Sandy. Here are some of the leading candidates to replace him →. Ray McGuire, a former vice chairman at Citigroup, is running as a businessman who knows the city’s economy. Perhaps the best-known Republican in city government, Staten Island Borough President James Oddo, has ruled out a run. Will voters choose experienced leadership from those who have long served in elected office or will they look outside for fresh faces and perspectives? He adopted the slogan: “I’m going to manage the hell out of this city!”. The other candidates may have to work harder for it, though their respective messages -- of competent leadership challenging the very people in power that are responsible for the state of the city -- could resonate. Morales is a proponent of strong social justice policies that said she will reduce the “inequality and inequities” that have been exacerbated in the last few months and which “I've been talking about forever.” She pointed out that her campaign has been built on the very issues that have inspired the recent mass protests. She’s running as a centrist. Odds for NYC Primary Mayoral Election Candidates Odds as of Jan 8, 2021. Rampant unemployment and a prolonged recession could only exacerbate that, she noted, and could determine the type of candidates and campaigns that gain traction. “There are so many things that were done the way things have always been done, that left us unnecessarily vulnerable, not just from a health perspective but from an economic perspective. He said when he walks home in workout gear, he’s seen as just another Black man: “I could easily be the next George Floyd.”. She admits she has a big hill to climb to raise her profile and build her campaign coffers. Will we see someone who wants to be a little more of the Bloomberg model, which is fully economic, trying to get the city back on track financially, or will we see someone who is more of a social justice candidate who's trying to bring all these things together in a more holistic way?”. George Arzt, a Democratic political consultant who has previously worked for Stringer, echoed that view. City Hall on inauguration day (photo: mayor's office) It’s election day, and all eyes on the 2020 party primaries in New York, though the results won’t be clear for at least one week. Carlos Menchaca is a city councilman who helped kill the Industry City rezoning in Sunset Park. He noted that the closed primary process will affect who comes out to vote. ... about 3% of New Yorkers voted in the Democratic primary and chose New York City’s mayor for … NEW YORK — Businessman and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has filed papers to enter the already crowded Democratic field in the race for mayor of New York City in 2021. All candidates running for city office are required to file disclosure … For 2021 New York City Mayor’s Race, ‘Silent Primary’ Has Already Started Bronx and Brooklyn borough presidents are among possible contenders to succeed term-limited Bill de Blasio Photo Credit: Danielle Silverman . There are so far six Democratic candidates who have declared or are actively exploring runs for mayor: City Council Speaker Corey Johnson; Comptroller Scott Stringer; Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams; Loree Sutton, former commissioner of the city’s Department of Veterans’ Services; Dianne Morales, a former nonprofit executive in the Bronx; and Shaun Donovan, who served as HUD Secretary under President Barack Obama and was previously an aide to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. NYC’s 2021 Mayoral race will be a historic one. Andrew Yang announces his run for New York Mayor during a news conference in Morningside Park on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021, in New York. He says his management experience will help him lead the city out of the pandemic. Statewide election dates. A centrist, she says her leadership experience best equips her to manage a city that has fallen into crisis. What remains to be seen is how the political winds will blow. Cash poured into the coffers of the major candidates running to replace term-limited Mayor Bill de Blasio in the upcoming June Democratic primary, their campaigns said in statements released Wednesday. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen). N.Y.C’s Mayoral Primary Is 6 Months Away: Who’s Running? I’m speaking, of course, of the 2021 New York City mayoral race, which ­already boasts a crowded Democratic field — even though there are more than 950 days until the primary. Most observers agree that the election will inevitably be tinged with resentment of de Blasio, an increasingly unpopular mayor who, despite his progressive accomplishments, has only cemented his status as a lameduck in his struggles to respond to COVID-19 and the mass protests against police brutality and racism. “It’s not for me to say whether the current crop of candidates includes that Mayor. 2, 2020. We need a Mayor who gets that New York doesn’t work in isolation and that we need an urban policy humbly led by the chief executive of the greatest city of the world.”, She did not address the candidates directly, however. New York City mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang faced widespread criticism on social media Monday after he indicated that his family has avoided spending too … Statewide election dates in New York are listed below. If voters still want to vote for just one candidate, they can. We need a Mayor who will get us off the treadmill of incremental reform and command an all-of-government response to structural disparities. The 2021 mayor’s race has begun, and a crowded field is jostling to succeed Mayor Bill de Blasio. “I would give anything to be the mayor right now...This is my burning building. The immigrant population totals at 37% of the city’s residents. © 2021 New York City Campaign Finance Board 100 Church Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10007 212.409.1800 Here’s more on the race for the next mayor of New York: Who Will Succeed Mayor de Blasio? The ranked-choice system allows voters to rank their top-five candidates. How will the new ranked-choice voting system for primaries (and special elections) play out? Mr. Menchaca said it would accelerate gentrification. Right now, if you made a list of the top issues for the 2021 mayoral candidates, it’d be the usual progressive hot topics. Mayor de Blasio believes all New Yorkers deserve a chance to succeed in the greatest city on earth. Johnson, the first openly gay and openly HIV-positive City Council Speaker (and only open HIV-positive elected official in the state), has focused heavily on the social safety net in his time as speaker, promoting populist policies to lift up the city’s most vulnerable. Scott M. Stringer, the city’s comptroller, is trying to position himself as the true progressive. New York voters gave us reason to hope a moderate can win 2021 NYC mayoral race ... upcoming New York City mayoral race, can be won. Loree Sutton ran Mr. de Blasio’s Veterans’ Services agency, and is a retired Army brigadier general, but has little political experience. ... over … The next New York City mayor will be elected in 2021. As Greer noted, if moderates come together behind one candidate and progressives go for another, a more consensus second-choice candidate could end up claiming victory. What role might “identity politics” play -- will voters choose an openly gay white man (Johnson) or an openly gay white woman (Sutton) or a Black man (Adams) or a Black Boricua (Morales) after nearly three decades of a heterosexual white man running City Hall and no Latino or woman or openly gay peson ever elected mayor? “He never has been. There are no statewide elections in New York this year. This is what I run towards,” she said. A well-regarded manager, it’s her first time running for office. “I expect a lot of de Blasio-bashing and I don’t expect anyone to come out and say that [they are] the successor to the policies...that de Blasio espoused,” he said.