This piece elaborates on the meaning of living, and often compares the word to others that are seen as synonyms by a large percentage of the English speaking world. Imagine an 8 year old kid tormenting another class mate because the color of his skin is darker. “Sometimes quiet is violent.” If you’ve suffered any amount of physical, mental or sexual abuse, you know how loud that simple sentence is. And though I have been through my fair share of pain, and I am fortunate that I was never bullied by a fellow child. Now this leads me to children bullying children and the violence we see in our schools today. I hid away, inside myself, knowing I was never going to be perfect. How can we ever expect to change this if we are convinced that violence is needed in raising our children?!?! ( Log Out /  8tracks is Radio, rediscovered - sometimes quiet is violent by chikayouriko| music tags: | Every time I was hit, every time I was beaten, I lost a little bit of the light that made me, me. Is this not truly a form of bullying? A state of soundlessness. Sometimes the pain we endure, no matter the form, can put us in a place where all we hear in our minds is nothing but violence. It was the positive, encouraging, and loving situations that really made me who I am today! In their new single “Car Radio,” 21 Pilots describe a man whose car radio is stolen and he begins a self dialogue about how the loss of noise causes him to think about the realities of life. Where did this kid learn to hate like that? So what does this have to do with the picture above? And my heart breaks for them. A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence. emanuelperezm liked this ... aspects-of-meaning liked this . We are the same. From there, Todoroki speculates. Mahatma Gandhi. And so yes, my heart breaks for all the children who are being bullied out there! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. By the Song Car Radio which, in my opinion, describes anxiety perfectly. That we connect with and feel on a deep level. Those events and experiences hindered my growth and my full potential at a young age and I am just now discovering for myself who I really am. I make up alternate scenarios with alternate endings and imagine myself living in that happier version. Unfortunately, this cycle of abuse is seen in many families around the world. In sharing these things we are united. ( Log Out /  And as these children are being raised in a less violent environment, maybe it will be through them that our world can truly know peace! High quality Quiet Is Violent gifts and merchandise. The EP has all the ingredients to raise their fan base, with a mix of live tracks and remixes. Because sometimes quiet is violent. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And this can be a beautiful thing in life; if what we are teaching them and showing them is in love and truth and freedom. 4 years ago. We do not need to teach our children how to “cope” with being bullied. Sometimes Quiet Is Violent. Now, to her, there was a difference between when we were in trouble and needed a spanking and when she simply lost her self-control and took it way too far. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Sometimes quiet is violent. This is seen in war across the countries, this is seen in animal abuse, and in other aspects of our lives. I am merely speaking from experience and the way I see things. No music = restless, thoughts. As a young child I didn’t really see the difference and I know I didn’t feel the difference. I know my soul couldn’t handle that. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. When it silently slithers into your mind and lays its' eggs of doubt, fear, hopelessness and negativity it will… And this violence we hear, thought after thought, makes us lose a piece of ourselves that we will never find again until we learn to quiet the noise inside our minds. Saying nothing sometimes says the most. The EP is available in Australia and can be purchased digitally and physically via CD. That is not the purpose of this post. And yes, the rebellious side of me often took over and I pushed my limits to see what I could get away with. Sometimes quiet is violent - Twenty One Pilots . I dwell on what I could have done differently, where things went wrong, could I have prevented this event from happening? It wasn't until moments later when I heard the birds break the flow of silence, that I realised my harsh voice was the only frequency disrupting the serenity. Nov 14, 2020 - Explore Susy's board "Sometimes quiet is violent" on Pinterest. "I am cold, can you hear? But truth is truth. And sometimes one person handles different situations differently. It’s no wonder bullying and school shootings are such a big issue today! I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace with you because it is also within me. Like surgeons we dissect certain moments in time trying to find explanations, meanings, value, and on some occasions a sense of purpose from them. And then I get self-destructive. Hi! Sometimes quiet is violent. First we need to believe a child when they first tell us about a bully. When he says i have these thoughts, its talking about suicidal thoughts, so often, meaning he thinks about it alots, he ought to try to fight it with what he once bought, his car radio, or music, but he cant, so he just sits in silence, with his thoughts.-----Sometimes quiet is violent I find it hard to hide it My pride is no longer inside Get Started. Well, we can but we shouldn’t want to be controlled! See, these kids are just acting out their own personal struggle going on inside them. That you can’t be replaced and that your heart, your mind, your conversation, your care, your kiss, your love- it can’t be replicated. it keeps going. “Sometimes quiet is violent.” If you’ve suffered any amount of physical, mental or sexual abuse, you know how loud that simple sentence is. a little common sense from a stressed out single mom. “Oh that’s just what children do. Quiet Is Violent is an extended play released by Twenty One Pilots on August 2014. I ask myself WHY I’m about to do something and visualize all the possible outcome of my actions. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  We need to teach our children about the similarities that unite us as human beings. As hard as my mom tried to end the cycle of abuse, she carried it on to her children. metalgf:. Pushed away from the quiet. What is going on in his home, in his family, that he feels the need to lash out in hate at those he sees as weaker than him? Now please understand, that I am not saying these things to bring my mother down or to point out that she was a terrible mother because that would be the furthest thing from the truth. And I get upset. ( Log Out /  We cannot be controlled. We do see a nuance here though, in that he clarifies these thoughts to be violent. - quote by Twenty One Pilots on YourDictionary. or bitter or mean or self-conscious. Overthinking is a cruel serpent. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I believe the key to the whole song is in the phrase “ Sometimes quiet is violent .”. This is the best we can come up with in our day and age? And for that I am thankful to her for the life she provided for me! Currently it’s Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots. Every time I was being punished for something I did wrong (and by punished I mean, being spanked with a belt however many times deemed appropriate and if I moved my hands from the bed we started all over, these were our spankings) it didn’t teach me not to do that again. The EP is six tracks long, featuring various live versions of songs from the album Vessel and remixes of tracks from the same album. We need to address the bully and identify what is going on in his life that he feels this need to lash out. There is only so much a soul can take before they are completely lost in the darkness of this world. Why are we so afraid of what could make us happy? And I get sad all over again. And before I go further, I do want to point out that I am not saying because you choose to spank your child for discipline reasons, that you are a terrible parent and you are abusing your child. If our children understood this better, there would be less violence in our schools. *please read the long description!! We all have a song that moves us. Not focus on the differences that keep us separated. I have an inherent fear that people will think of me as that girl who isn’t fun or who brings them down or who is a Debbie Downer, so I just get quiet. Breaking the child’s spirit so they submit to your control, this is the best method? And it’s wrong. * My mother was severely abused as a child. I get quiet when I’m hurting. 2014 Australian exclusive EP, Quiet Is Violent. Children only do as they see. Sometimes Quiet is Violent. They love who they’re taught to love and they hate who they are taught to hate. My own personal experiences are the tools I use to define these six letters that can easily become the motive for all people.